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Feel Good Food Group Marks 6 Years of Health Food Innovation

Metro Manila, Philippines —October 1, 2023 — Feel Good Food Group, the company behind the country’s top health food delivery brands - Ketos of Manila, Eat’s Life Manila, The Sugar Free Bakery, and Get Well Soup - marks its 6th year anniversary with exciting new food innovations and menu offerings. 

Starting with Ketos of Manila, Metro Manila’s #1 Ketogenic diet food delivery, the brand continues its commitment to helping people lose weight with its expanded meal offerings. This October, the brand introduces its Keto 2.0 meal program. This fast-growing trend in the US promotes the same low carb and healthy high-fat diet, but emphasizes the importance of lean proteins, such as fish, and prioritizes plant fats like olive oil over animal fats like butter. 

KOM 2.0 by Ketos of Manila

Founder and CEO James Yulo Chi shares, “Since we started in 2017, interest behind the Ketogenic diet has grown and evolved over time.  Today we find that our customers are seeking different kinds of diet plans that suit their lifestyle. That’s why we’ve expanded our Keto meals to include more options for people who are into Intermittent Fasting, seeking less restrictive Low Carb options, or for those who are deeply committed to a weight loss goal with our 21-Day Keto Challenge. Our launch of Keto 2.0, which became popular this 2023, is our way of introducing new Keto meal plans to the Philippines.” 

For people who are keen to diet, but are not seeking Keto meals, the company has its Eat's Life Manila brand, which offers low calorie, high protein, pescatarian, and even therapeutic meals. Their Therapeutic meal program provides personalized 1-on-1 assessments with registered nutritionists - dietitians to address specific medical concerns like PCOS, Gout, Renal, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular health.

therapeutic meal |  eats life manila

With the rise in demand for the Vegan lifestyle, Eat's Life Manila also launched its new Vegan meal program, which offers tasty dishes rich in vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts, making it easier to go vegan without the hassle of food preparation. The brand also offers its Pescatarian meal program for customers seeking a nutrient-dense vegetarian meal with seafood.

For people with a sweet tooth but are looking for healthier desserts, there is The Sugar-Free Bakery. Launched in 2018, this brand was an early pioneer in the sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan dessert movement. Their best-selling Himalayan Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cake is a surprisingly rich chocolate cake that tastes just as sweet as it sounds, but is surprisingly baked without any sugar. Sweetened with Erythritol, a sugar substitute that does not spike your glucose levels, their desserts and pastries offer the same sugary sweet taste without the added calories - and it is Diabetic-friendly too. For customers who are keen to try different sugar-free cakes, their Mini Cakes Gift Box is the perfect option. It includes their best-selling Himalayan Dark Chocolate Cake, Ube Tres Leches Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Coffee Brandy Cake - in 3-inch sizes, all sugar-free and diabetic-friendly. 

sugar free mini cake | the sugar free bakery ph

In 2019, the brand introduced Roasted by The Sugar-Free Bakery, to answer growing requests from customers who were seeking food tray pairings for their cake orders. Their best-selling Roasted Pairings combine savory dishes with sugar-free cakes, making it a go-to order for family gatherings and get-togethers. The Birthday Bundle includes signature dishes such as Gyudon with Crunchy Spinach Chips and Chimichurri Crackling Pork Belly with a sugar-free cake of your choice.

birthday bundle | the sugar free bakery ph

“Now that everyone is out and about, and social gatherings have become the norm, requests for food trays have increased dramatically. Now that the ‘ber’ season is here, we’re welcoming this with monthly launches of new dishes and curated pairings, like Sugar-Free Holiday Ham, Native Pork Belly Lechon Roll, Sugar-free Ube Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Sugar-free Carrot Cake, and many more,” says Chi. 

The Feel Good Food Group’s newest brand is Get Well Soup - a brand that was created during the height of the pandemic. For people looking for a warm, comforting bowl of soup, the brand offers crowd favorites: Chicken Noodle Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup, Roasted Pumpkin Soup; as well as more unique options: Hainanese Chicken Arroz Caldo, Vegan Curry Lentil Soup, and coming soon, Spicy Creamy Lasagna soup and more. To complement its signature soups, the brand also offers salads and sandwiches, such as Sicilian Chicken Salad and Homemade Kesong Puti Croissant, and more.

Rounding up the portfolio is Feel Good Food Solutions, their B2B food service business that serves customized orders, corporate packed meals and food trays for companies and business owners that is tailor-fit for their budget and requirements. This season, the business offers corporate holiday baskets and giveaways. Coming from the company’s health food expertise, Feel Good Food Solutions offers a selection of healthier food options curated from the company’s various food brands.

“We have expanded our consumer business to B2B. Recently, we’ve seen more companies approach us asking for healthier food options for their employees. With Feel Good Food Solutions, we are building on our health food expertise and our wide portfolio of food brands, to serve the customized needs of our corporate clients,” says Chi.

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As part of its 6th year anniversary, the Feel Good Food Group offers a whole month of special promos and bundles across its Ketos of Manila and Eat’s Life Manila meal programs, and special offers from The Sugar-Free Bakery, Get Well Soup and Feel Good Food Solutions.

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To celebrate our 6th year anniversary, we're honoring our most hardworking feel-good riders, kitchen commanders, and business partners. 

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About the Feel Good Food Group Inc.

The Feel Good Food Group Inc. is a leading health food business in Metro Manila that includes Ketos of Manila, Eat’s Life Manila, The Sugar-Free Bakery, Get Well Soup, and Feel Good Food Solutions. Since 2017, the company has been committed to its purpose of “starting a feel-good health food movement, one healthy and tasty dish at a time”. Their services include e-commerce food delivery, on-demand, frozen, and B2B food service.